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Hurricane impact windows

Installing hurricane impact windows is undoubtedly the best long term solution, impact windows provide protection, strength and durability, they are windows that are combined with frames and laminated glass resistant to winds and theft attempts, they are aesthetically better and more powerful in weather patterns, its double structure prevents it from breaking into fragments thus avoiding accidents, contrary to a traditional window. . They are windows that join substantial edges with securely influenced overlapping glass and a unique silicone glazing cycle to prevent the glass from separating from the casing. They are available in a variety of models and colors and at the best prices in the market, with top quality finishes and guaranteed good service. Impact windows provide greater sustainable energy performance, their cost depends on the material used, although they all have the same function, which is to protect against impacts from strong winds and hurricanes.

Residential glass

Residential glass is the best ally in the construction industry, covering security needs, controlling sunlight, decorating our homes, providing comfort and aesthetics. Its main characteristics are smoothness, transparency and hardness, being this the ideal material for residential buildings and constructions, allowing a better illumination, making the temperature pleasant and reducing the costs in electric energy, it is ideal to reduce the noise of exteriors and protect from UV rays. . They are versatile glasses that are used in the exterior as well as in the interior of the house or residence, as well as in schools, offices and hotels. The glass in residences stands out for giving a touch of glamor and distinction as far as decoration is concerned. . By installing residential glass you will obtain benefits for your project; it is easy to install, has a variety of designs, and resists strong winds and earthquakes, thermal control, security and illumination.

Replacement of residential glass

The replacement of residential glass is becoming more and more common, even though it is fragile and delicate, glass offers a short term solution. In case of damage or breakage, we have a large inventory to replace your glass. We offer advice on the replacement or replacement of glass, scheduling visits, showing our catalog and guiding you to the best choice, we are the best in the market, we provide security, quality, advice and good service. . Our commitment to work is reflected in the quality of the product, you only have to raise the idea and we adapt to the space for the replacement of the glass. If your glass is broken, scratched, deteriorated or just wants to update your residence, you have come to the ideal place. Our installers with extensive experience are responsible for changing your glass in the place where you need it quickly and safely.

Home glass repair

When we need glass repair at home, it usually happens mainly when there is a breakage, cracking, cracks, which generate danger for those residing in the home. Sometimes they are caused by earthquakes or accidents, our materials are increasingly used for its proven resistance, advising on the best way to care for the glass pieces. Maintenance plays an important role to avoid damage to your glass. Repairing your glass can generate changes in your economy in the short and long term, besides making you feel safer and more confident in your home. We have a wide range of materials to choose from according to your needs, do not leave the safety of your home in the hands of inexperienced people, we advise you on what is related to the repair of glass in your home. We are here to provide you with quality work, responsibility and good service. Contact us. .

Commercial Glass

Commercial glass is used for a number of purposes, if you are thinking of replacing or remodeling the windows of your home or business and you have the vision of a new project that contains glass, you not only have to consider its appearance, also take into account that glass has different characteristics and each one is adapted according to the needs and taste. . Chemically, commercial glass has a great variety of uses, it is generated from a component that is produced from inorganic oxides, such as silica or sand. Glass is classified according to the amount of glass layers they contain; simple glass contains 2 layers from 3 to 4 mm thick, there is also strong glass with 2 layers from 4 to 6 mm thick and anti-theft glass containing 3 layers from 4 to 6 mm thick. Each with different characteristics representing the quality and durability of the glass.

Commercial door closer service

Door closers are mechanized devices that allow different types of doors to close in a controlled manner, allowing the door to return to its initial position after being opened. There are a number of models to suit your taste, providing security and functionality ideal for your office, business, buildings, shopping malls and industries. They are available in overhead, hydraulic and floor mounted. When we talk about installation, our company offers you the best installation services of Commercial door closers adjustable to different forces, they are installed on doors of different materials such as aluminum, metal or wood guaranteeing quality and good service. . The door closers are an important element to comply with international standards that is why the emergency doors must have this device at the time of fire control. We have the best trained personnel with excellent technical assistance to support your project and give you security and support.

Commercial Glass Emergency Service

In case you need Commercial Glass Emergency Service due to unavoidable circumstances such as impact from blunt objects, weather, accidents or earthquakes, you should be prepared for any eventuality. Reducing the risk of loss will allow you to protect your home, business or establishment. Our services count with quality and high technology in order to control the impact caused. Emergencies can arise at the least expected moment that is why our services are tailored to your needs and budget, providing quality in our materials, excellent service and security. We are your best alternative with advanced solutions and willing to offer added value to your building. . Our installation specialists will proceed to conduct a study of the need raised, schedule an interview to meet and study the space or place to build or remodel and proceed to give recommendations of our products according to your preference and finally proceed to the installation.

Commercial Glass Emergency Service

Glass is one of the most demanded products in the world market as a solution for industrial use, for its valuable particularity with excellent unique characteristics that make it resistant, pleasant, durable, one hundred percent recyclable, safe to use for consumer products, decorative and utility, in the construction industry it is a perfect ally, in buildings it provides protection and visibility. Glass is the most environmentally friendly product, its use in the manufacture of bottles for beverages, windows and doors, windshields for vehicles since in the automotive industry is a first line raw material and a number of products that provide solutions and facilitate daily life. . When storing glass, it preserves its purity, since it is not harmful to health. The industry has a diversity of products based on glass; safety glass, impact glass, decorative glass, in different models, scales and sizes. Made to the measure of your preference.

Installation services

In the glass installation service we offer excellence in our products, we manufacture, design and install all types of glass both commercial and residential and at the best price. Our installers offer the best service before, during and after installation, using quality glass and resistance, we offer a variety of glass according to your needs, from tempered glass, safety glass, impact resistant, our glass offers the desired performance and far superior to ordinary glass. . The technical team of installers offers the best advice providing practicality in the service, committed to the customer to help and give the best solution with the installation or replacement of glass, with the best delivery option for quality service. We are a team committed to provide comprehensive service in the installation and repair of glass for all uses, in homes and buildings. Contact us to schedule an appointment and enjoy good attention and good service.

Repair of sliding door glass and rollers

Daily we find the need to repair the glass and rollers of sliding doors, as they give us access to the patio, terrace or other places in our home. In addition to taking advantage of the views to these beautiful and cozy places, this type of doors use a roller mechanism to open or close easily. We are the most incredible in the maintenance of sliding doors, our experts perform a preliminary test to verify what really is the problem that presents, this focuses on two specific areas: the rollers and tracks and sometimes the default glass. . We offer you advice, we save you time and money giving quick solutions to the repair of your glass doors that have deteriorated due to misuse, weather conditions or lack of maintenance. We are a highly qualified staff. We have the material and instrumentation required at the time of repairing and installing your sliding doors.

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